Bart Jakobs

Hi, I’m Bart

I'm a theater student and thing maker.

This portfolio is a work in progress.

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I made


Glass music

This is one of my projects to make musical instruments. I started with one servo motor and two glasses. The servo motor was attached to a pencil that moved between the glasses.

And then?

I took for servo motors, made laser-cut stands, got an Arduino, wrote a bunch of code in NodeJS and made music!

Awesome! How does it work?

Using metal wire, a pencil is attached to a servo motor. A servo motor can be controlled by transmitting an angle to it. The computer sends the angles via the Arduino (using Firmata). The NodeJS application on the computer has a midi reader, so that music can be read and translated to the right angles on the right servo motors.

Cool! Can I see it?

Alright then.

Design (lasercut), programming
Playing with MIDI
What more
Spend hours tuning glasses
Read the code
On Github!