Bart Jakobs

Hi, I’m Bart

I'm a theater student and thing maker.

This portfolio is a work in progress.

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I won a hackathon with

Welcome Home

In 2014, I participated in the Dutch Open hackathon with a team of 4. Using the API’s of, Albert Heijn, Schiphol, KLM and MyOrder, we created the winning concept in the biggest hackathon in the Netherlands: the app Welcome Home.

Welcome home?

The worst part of coming back from vacation is coming home to an empty fridge. Welcome Home is a service that allows you to order a box full of fresh food, delivering it right to the baggage carousel at the airport.


We participated in a team of four: two designers and two developers. We had 24 hours to make a concept and prototype. As one of the developers, I wrote some API connections and a small front-end app framework. We won yay.