Bart Jakobs

Hi, I’m Bart

I'm a theater student and thing maker.

This portfolio is a work in progress.

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I won a prize at a hackathon with


Transavia Dreams

In 2015, I participated for the second time in the the Dutch Open hackathon. We focused on creating a concept for Transavia.

Transavia Dreams?

Yes! Transavia Dreams is a concept about the way people choose a destination for their vacation. Instead of thinking of where one should go, we made an app in which the user could decide what to do on vacation.


Our concept was based on the postcards people send from their vacation. In our app, the user was able choose a landscape and season and drag and drop stickers on the landscape. On the stickers drawings of people, drinks, animals, sports, etc were pictured. By combining those stickers and landscapes, the app decided where to travel to. The user could then share their post card on facebook and book a plane ticket directly to their destination.


We participated in a team of four: two designers and two developers. We had 24 hours to make a concept and prototype. As one of the developers, I wrote some API connections and a small front-end app framework. We won a prize yay.

Dutch Open Hackathon 2015
What did I do
Idea / code (PHP/Javascript)
Daan Weijers
Stijn Zoontjens
Pim Knops