Bart Jakobs

Hi, I’m Bart

I'm a theater student and thing maker.

This portfolio is a work in progress.

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I made the game


At the TU/e, there was this ‘tokenborrel’, a yearly event where the drinks ordered were registered with a token. On a big screen, a game was displayed on which the drinking per study year was visualized. In 2013, I was asked to make a game with some other students. We decided to make Worms. Daan made the graphics, Jochem made a backend which decided who should win (who drank the most) and I made the game. I did not feel like getting to know a game engine, so I wrote a new one.

Big deal

Actually, yes big deal. It had some sort of physics engine, and afterwards I had a better understanding of mathematics, so that’s something.

Can I play it.


2013, at the TU/e
What did I do
Write a game engine.
Daan Weijers and Jochem van Kapel